What is the counselling process?

Step 1

To contact us regarding counselling sessions please complete the enquiry form. For other enquiries please complete the contact us form.
Alternatively, we are happy to answer any queries by email or by phone. If using the phone you may come through to our voicemail. We will respond to your message as soon as possible. Neither the phone nor email are suitable for emergency contact.

Step 2

We will invite you to meet with one of our counsellors for an initial assessment. The purpose of this meeting is not only to make sure we are the right service for you and that the counsellor and you are the right fit, but it is also an opportunity for the counsellor to explain to you their way of working and for you to explore whether you feel comfortable with the counsellor.

This assessment will be for 50 minutes and will cost £48 unless we have some  availability on our Assisted Place for a reduced fee. 


If either you or the counsellor you have met initially decide that you are not the right fit together then your counsellor will let the TCS Manager know and you will be allocated to another counsellor. If you also both feel that you would benefit from specialised support that TCS does not currently offer then we will provide you with further information about these services.


Step 3

At the start of your first session, your counsellor will provide you with a client/counsellor working agreement describing confidentiality, and missed sessions etc. Your counsellor and you will agree a goal of therapy and your counsellor will work with you to help you move towards this goal and your counsellor and you will periodically review your work together.

TCS is able to offer open ended therapy but your counsellor will ask you if you have a certain number of sessions in mind when you start your work together.

After your assessment, should you and your counsellor both decide to go ahead with therapy, sessions are for 50 minutes on a weekly basis in a private room provided by the counsellor. Your counsellor might ask you to complete some standard questionnaires as part of your work together. 


When you and your counsellor have decided that you would like to complete your work together, you will both agree the date of an ending session a reasonable amount of time in advance.

Research has indicated that the effectiveness of therapy is maximised by having a planned rather than abrupt ending. Your counsellor will give you a feedback form to complete so that TCS is able to monitor the effectiveness of our service and make any necessary changes from your feedback.