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Tonbridge Counselling Service

A professional counselling service for Tonbridge, Kent and the surrounding areas offering skilled, compassionate therapy for young people, adults and couples at an affordable cost. We also offer supervision, professional accredited counsellor training and CPD for counsellors.

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CSKL2 – Level 2 Counselling Skills

November 2017 – July 2018

This course is designed for those who wish to learn counselling skills to be able to help people in a voluntary or employed situation, or for those who wish to find out more about counselling. It can be a first step towards progressing to further training in counselling and qualification at a professional level if desired.

Upcoming CPD Training

Working with Trauma in its many Guises - Paula Biles

Friday 20th April, 2018

Paula will explore the nature of trauma both incident (PTSD) and developmental (CPTSD) to understand its links and roots in attachment and relationship issues. She will address the many presentations as implicit body memories, emotional flashbacks and in a wide variety of dissociative disorders. There will be the opportunity to take part in some somatic body exercises for self-regulation. The day will look at the cumulative effect of trauma over a person’s life and the impact on survival strategies and how long-standing exposure to trauma will have an impact on character and personality development and, therefore, in the presentations of survivors and the symptoms of trauma we see in our practices today. At the end there will be an informal Q & A session and an opportunity to ask questions or consult on clinical work.

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