Working with the Challenges of Young People in the Modern World

We will look at:

  • How we engage with young peoples' development; emotionally, cognitively and physically
  • Rites of passage; acknowledging the passage from child to adult
  • Engagement - don't come/won't come
  • Fitting into the wider system of education and support
  • BACP regulations
  • Use of story and music
  • Technology and gender - how we must update our understanding
  • Fun and angst; the gifts and traps of the teenage years

The training will be experiential; don't forget to bring your inner teenager, both your guide and your blocks to working with adolescence.  You may come away with more questions than answers but it is hoped we can broaden our  perspective and gather some tools for working in imaginative ways.

About the Trainer:  Alistair Mayor is supervisor at the Young Person's Support Network in Brighton (formerly the YPC), leads rites of passage camps for young men (Wildnature), and works with teenagers in private practice.  He is also a tutor, counsellor, and supervisor and facilitates a trauma groupwork programme for me(Mankind), and a private therapy group (Solace).  He has special interest in working with young people and integral theory, and has four kids and a dog.

Monday 1st July, 2019
Alastair Mayor
Beyond the Grounds Café
Gilbert House
River Walk
Please bring your lunch, refreshments will be provided
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