Working with Nature as a Tool for Exploration, Nurture and Healing and keep us safe

This training is aimed at counsellors, psychotherapists, and other allied professions with a view to augmenting your  practice through an understanding of eco-therapy and the wildness within and making it possible to bring nature connection into the counselling, supervision and training environment.  The day will explore:

  • The nature of being human
  • Using the natural world as a resource for clients and practitioners
  • Nature as an inspiration for creativity
  • Healing the planet and healing oneself
  • Soulcraft, self-care and the inspiration of wilderness
  • The nature that we eat - the importance of the gut brain connection
  • Story, myth and the ever-present (but often overlooked backdrop of the natural world.

Alistair says 'Something has always drawn me to the wild; my wild nature has taken me to many corners of the world, and then to untamed areas of the psyche.  It's from this passion I'm drawn to working with people in the context of the natural environment.  Our nature and the natural world are not separate, but it is in this perception of separateness that the problem lies.  I would say that many, if not all, mental health difficulties are the result of splits within the Self and the world around us.  When we re-connect we become more in tune with who we are and the world we live in'.

Alistair Mayor is a tutor, counsellor, supervisor and group facilitator, with a special interest in working in an embodied way with oung people, trauma, the midlife passage and the Sussex countryside.

Monday 9th September, 2019
Alistair Mayor
Beyond the Grounds Café
Gilbert House
River Walk
Refreshments will be provided but please bring your own lunch

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