Narcissism & Echosim

A challenging day which takes a fresh look at Narcissism.  Is it always wrong to be a narcissist?  We take a look at healthy self-worth and self-care and explore when this becomes selfish and even abusive to others.  The day includes living with a narcissistic parent and recovery from abuse.  We will also explore Echoism - a way of being that props up the ego of the narcissist - and the devastating effect this can have on our sense of self.

Friday 29th November, 2019
Pauline Andrew, Deep Release Training Counselling
Tonbridge Baptist Church
Darenth Avenue
TN10 3HZ
Please book asap but ideally no later than 19th November

Refreshments will be provided, please bring your own lunch.

The day will end at 15:45
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