Jane Taylor, Counsellor in Tonbridge

Jane Taylor

BA (Hons), PGCE, Dip. Counselling, MBACP

My journey as a counsellor began at University in 1993, where I worked alongside the Art Therapist at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary for a year.

I qualified in 2019 with a Diploma in Humanistic Integrative Counselling at Wealden Institute of Counselling and Psychotherapy. In 2020 I completed an 80 hour certificate in Online and Telephone Counselling.

As a humanistic counsellor my approach is centred on the belief that all humans have the potential to change in positive ways, provided the conditions are right.

I find the analogy of a germinating seed helpful to understand the unique process of counselling. A seed contains all it needs to grow into the plant it is designed to become. However, certain conditions are needed for its successful growth, including water, light, a suitable temperature, oxygen and time. A deficiency in one or more of these elements will mean the seeds germination is hampered in some way, leading to a plant whose growth is stunted.

Just as optimal conditions support healthy seed germination, it is similar for us as humans. My aim as a counsellor is to provide the essential elements needed to facilitate you on your journey towards greater wellbeing.

ACTO Member BACP Member
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